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Avoid Forced Unwrapping Swift

layout: post title: Why and how to always avoid forced unwrapping in Swift —

Optionals is such a nice feature in Swift which is ruined by the developer’s bad practice of using forced unwrapping (!) irresponsibly.

Forced unwrapping (!) can cause a runtime crash because of it being nil. Going by the murphy’s law, it will cause a run time crash.

Therefore, it makes sense to not use forced unwrapping and rely on swift’s compiler magic to avoid any runtime crash related to a variable being nil.

You’ll notice how easy and rewarding it is to avoid forced unwrapping using optional-chaining and conditional unwrapping.

Tip Use dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:forIndexPath -> UITableViewCell instead of dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier: -> UITableViewCell?

How do you force yourself and your team to adopt this practice?

Make Xcode warn you when you use force unwrapping

  1. Install SwiftLint.
  2. Create a .swiftlint.yml in your project directory. This config file tells swiftlint to generate a warning for force casting.
      - force_cast
    force_cast: warning # implicitly
  3. Add a build phase to get these warnings in the Xcode
    if which swiftlint >/dev/null; then
      echo "warning: SwiftLint not installed, download from https://github.com/realm/SwiftLint"

Happy swifting!

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