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Share your work

Last week, I finished reading Share your work by Astin Kleon. If you’re wondering, this book ended up in my reading list from Darek Sivers book list which also lists lots of other gems. This book will guide you to create a life-long habit that could impact your life in a big way. It answers why is it important to talk about and share your work and offers advice on how to do it.

It convinced me to start sharing my learnings from others’ and my own experiences.

My takeaways

###Choose your topic
Don’t try to write about everything. Sticking to a few domains will help you to reach out to your fellow community and will make it easier to focus on writing. Choose a topic on which you are actively seeking more information and just share your observations as you make progress. You can write about photography, mobile development, travel or anything that excites you. ###Focus on a single medium Goal is to keep minimum diversions and help you focus on the sharing part. ###Choose a medium which suits you I’ve decided to start sharing on twitter. My reason is word limit which gives me one less reason to procrastinate. ###Never share bullshit Don’t share just for the sake of sharing. Trust your instincts. Always ask yourself before sharing whether you’d have found this helpful or interesting. Don’t overthink as well. ###Don’t wait to get started This is the most important step. Just create and update your twitter profile and start sharing. I just started sharing on twitter.

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